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  • WordPress CMS installation
  • Template installation
  • Development of up to 5 static pages
  • Production time: up to 3 weeks


  • WordPress CMS installation
  • Google & Facebook Analytics
  • Development of up to 2 dynamic pages
  • Production time: up to 6 weeks


  • WordPress CMS installation
  • WooCommerce
  • Product pages up to 50 stock items
  • Production time: up to 8 weeks

E-Commerce Extreme

  • WordPress CMS installation
  • WooCommerce
  • Product pages without item restrictions
  • Production time: up to 11 weeks

Feedback from happy customers

In my work, visibility and advertising on the Internet are one of the keys to the success of my business. As a travel agency owner, my knowledge as a traveler had to be supplemented in an area where it is not my element in such a fast-growing online service.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people from Digital Joruney who know the intricacies of web design and digital advertising. Thanks to them, I achieved a unique vision of the company’s website and many new customers who found us thanks to the advertising campaigns created by them on the Internet.

I highly recommend them, they are patient, precise and refine the details, which is a guarantee of success.

Thank you!

Magdalena Atanasova, Travel With Us LTD CEO

By nature I am not one of the most trusting people and I had some hesitations when I started working with Emil and Ivan. The truth is that they did a wonderful job building our new website. He received a unique modern vision, befitting our clinic. They managed to position it brilliantly and bring us new customers. If you need a website, these are the people you need!

MD Dimitar Cvetin, Diva Med

After 12 years of experience in the preparation of herbal ointments and the field of radiestasia, I needed to promote my products. Their healing power to reach more people. Thus was born the idea of making a website and selling them online. All the work on building the site and digital marketing was entrusted to the professionals from the Digital Journey agency. The result is not late – over 100 sold ointments only for the first 2 months of launching the site online.

Georgi Borisov, Dowser and healer

These are great. If it weren’t for Digital Journey, my round-the-clock work would remain hidden from the world. Thanks to the site they built for me and the advertisement for it, people saw what I could do and realized that they wanted it. Thanks!

Ivan Evtimov, Photograph

They gave life to a project we had been planning for a long time. The online digital portal for architecture and design is already a fact, thanks to Digital Journey. Great performance, precise work and professionalism. It’s easy to work with people who understand what you want and know how to do it!

Hellen Koss, Interior designer

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